Posted by: SJS | November 15, 2015

Prayers for the people of France

French flag

Out hearts and thoughts and prayers are with the people of France as they deal with the aftermath of Friday’s terrorist attack on their country. The images of the devastation and the horror wrought by the killers are painful reminders of how vulnerable we all are these days–no matter where we live.

In 1944 as a very young PT sailor, Red Stahley found himself assigned to Squadron (Ron) 15 in the Mediterranean where the Allied forces were launching the invasion of Southern France in August of that year.  The American PTs supported the British and French troops who landed in multiple locations to take back the territory from the Germans.

Red was always very proud of his participation in that campaign which help to free France from Nazi occupation.  From the stories he told me as a young child, I came to feel a special bond with the French people, especially the brave French troops who fought so hard side-by-side with the PT sailors during that summer of 1944.

The strength, resilience, and grit of the French people will see them through.  Over the course of their long history, they’ve shown that they know how to survive.  And our hearts are with them.




  1. Beautifully written, Stephen. Prayers for France and all those affected by this tragic, heinous, act of terrorist violence.

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