Posted by: SJS | November 8, 2015

Veteran’s Day 2015

Red, Joe Mulhern, & unamed friend

In a cherished family photograph, my father (right) poses with one of his best friends, Joe Mulhern, and an unidentified fellow sailor in Philadelphia.  The photo is dated 1945 and was snapped by my grandfather, Pop Stahley.  I have fond memories of the times that the Mulhern and Stahley families got together, especially for summertime cook-outs and the extended wiffle ball games that always lasted until it was way too dark to even see the ball.  As I remember,  we tried to hit and catch the ball primarily by the sound it made.  And that just seemed to make the game that much better!

A major part of the deep friendship between Joe and my father was their common experience of WWII.  Aside from a bit of gentle kidding about the rivalry between the Army (Joe) and Navy (my father), there were few references to their time in the service.  That was very characteristic of the WWII generation.  They had answered the call, travelled to distant locations, fought when they were required to fight, witnessed unimaginable horrors, then finished their service and returned to civilian life.  In the 1950s and 1960s when they had the chance to spend time together, they preferred to talk about sports, work, or their families.  There seemed to be little need for comparing war stories.

Wednesday of this week, November 11th, is Veteran’s Day.  The three young men from Philadelphia in this photo reflect the pride and quiet dignity of all those who wear the military uniform of the United States.

To all those who have served, past and present, we offer our gratitude and profound respect for the job they’ve done and continue to do on our behalf.  God bless them all.



  1. What a treasure that photo is to accompany your memories!!

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