Posted by: SJS | October 15, 2015

New book on PT 109 and JFK

JFK 1944

During a recent visit to our local branch of the Carroll County (MD) library in Westminster, I was thrilled to discover a new book by William Doyle entitled “PT 109:  An American Epic of War, Survival, and the Destiny of John F. Kennedy.”  The introduction to the book contains two quotations that provide a succinct framework for the narrative that Doyle delivers with eloquent prose, remarkable historical details, and a lost first-hand account by Kennedy himself about the loss of PT 109.

Here are the quotations:

‘Without PT 109, there never would have been a President John F. Kennedy.”  -David Powers, White House official/Kennedy Administration

“Jack’s life had more to do with myth, magic, legend, saga, and story than with political theory or political science”  – Jacqueline Kennedy.

Over the next few blog posts, I’ll be sharing some of the insights I’ve gained from this new study of Kennedy’s experience as a PT Skipper in the South Pacific.  Every new scrap of information I come across in my PT research brings me ever closer to an understanding of my father, Red Stahley, and the forces that shaped him during his pivotal experience as a PT crewman during WWII.  I know already that Doyle’s book will take me farther down that path and I am grateful for his research and writing on this important topic.

The photo of JFK is from the John F Kennedy Presidential Library.  It shows the future president in 1944, back in the US after eight months in a tropical combat zone.

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