Posted by: SJS | July 1, 2015

PT 107 moves out

PT 107 and crew head out


From the collection of photos sent to me by Bob Gosnell, a classic picture of PT 107 and its crew headed out on a mission.  As a member of the crew from the time that PT 107 was commissioned as a part of Squadron (Ron) 5, Bob’s father, Leland Gosnell, was familiar with every square inch of this boat.  He knew it, as the old saying goes, like the back of his hand.  Leland’s distinguished career as both a Marine and a sailor in the USN made him a vital part of the crew.

With their helmets on and the boat moving smartly through the water, the sailors of PT 107 are clearly prepared for whatever might come next.  During the weeks and months of 1943, on patrol in the dangerous waters of the Solomon Islands, all the boats of Ron 5 were playing offense and defense all the time.

As we celebrate our Independence Day Holiday this year, let’s make sure to spend a moment or two in a spirit of thanksgiving for all the men and women of our armed forces, both past and present, who have served our nation so well and so courageously.

Happy 4th of July to all.


  1. Excellent post – I especially like the final paragraph – how soon people forget and take things for granted.

  2. GP, Thanks very much. And thanks for your blog-it is terrific. I’ve learned a great deal from the posts. Have a great holiday weekend. Steve

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