Posted by: SJS | April 20, 2015

The PT boys were ready for anything

sailor with shoulder holster

An intrepid PT crewman stands proudly on PT 373 wearing a shoulder holster that holds an impressive looking gun.  How this unusual photo found its way into my growing collection of WWII photos is something I can’t recall but I was thrilled to find it.  Wearing a helmet, no shirt, baggy pants, and what looks like a six-shooter across his chest tells you a lot about the spirit of the young men who served on the PTs in WWII.

When I first came across this photo, obviously taken aboard my father’s boat in Ron (Squadron) 27, my first reaction was–“Is that my father?”  Closer examination revealed that it was not Red Stahley but it’s not much of  a stretch to imagine my father striking a bold pose like this on the renowned PT boat which took him into combat in the Spring of 1945.

Who knows…maybe one of these days a photo of my father that’s even wilder than this one will make it’s way to me through the wide, and ever-expanding, network of PT fans out there.  Wonders never cease.

And to all those bold, amazing young Americans who served on the PTs, the PT tenders and bases, we offer yet another salute and say, “well done.”


  1. Those pants look baggy enough to hold two or three people at a time!

    • Ha ha! That’s an excellent observation– and very true. Thanks!

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