Posted by: SJS | February 26, 2015

Another unsung hero- The USS Acontius


Here is another of the PT Tender ships-  the USS Acontius/APG 12 which was commissioned in October of 1943 and served PTs across several locations in the South Pacific, including Tulagi, Palau, Leyete, and Samar.  There’s an excellent chance that during his service in Squadron (Ron) 27, Red Stahley’s PT 373 received vital assistance from the Acontius.

This photo of the Acontius shows that these tender ships were equipped primarily to provide a range of support services to the PT boats; they were only minimally equipped with the weaponry they needed to defend themselves.  They were not Battleships or Destroyers.  When they were targeted by enemy planes and ships, they did the best they could but often they were highly vulnerable to the increasingly desperate attacks–especially from the sky.

The story of the PTs cannot be fully told without noting the heroism and incredible skills of the sailors on the PT tenders.  My father felt an enduring debt to his fellow sailors who worked the tenders and kept the PTs in such fine fighting trim.



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