Posted by: SJS | February 10, 2015

A busy PT Tender


PT Tender APG 5 has a line of PT boat customers awaiting service in this undated photo.  As the floating “pit crews” for the PTs, the Tenders provided a wide range of support services to the boats and their crews.  The mechanical and electrical systems of the PTs were very high maintenance and the skilled crews on the Tenders had the expertise to get the job done–often in very difficult circumstances.

As the war in the South Pacific entered its final phase, the PT Tenders increasingly became the target of attacks.  While the Tenders had deck guns and very courageous crews, they were without the mobility and speed of the PTs, so their vulnerability was very high.

My father spoke often of his deep appreciation for the work of the Tenders during his Navy days.  “Those guys on the Tenders kept us in top shape; they really knew what the hell they were doing.”  And Red Stahley never paid a higher compliment than that.


  1. I often think that not enough credit is paid to the men and women who kept the combat units supplied and in operation. For me, you post today illustrates how important the Tenders were to the operation of the PTs.

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