Posted by: SJS | December 30, 2014

A PT Boat Quiz to end 2014

PT 589 lowered by craneFor all you PT fans out there, here’s a short year-end quiz to test your knowledge about those small, amazing boats that created so much history in WWII.  Take your best shot at these questions below.  I’ll post the answers sometime in January.  Don’t worry- it’s an “open blog” test, so you can feel free to check earlier posts (or any other source) to find the answers.


1.  In 1943, future president John F. Kennedy was the skipper of which PT boat that was sliced in half by a Japanese warship in the South Pacific?

2. What was the symbol of the PT boats?  And why? (for extra credit!)

3.  What was the primary material used in the construction of PT boats?

4.  Name the famous US Army General who narrowly escaped capture by the Japanese in the Philippines and was safely evacuated on a PT boat in early 1942?

5.  Name the method of communication that uses small, square signal flags–a method that all PT sailors had to master as part of their training.

6. Where was the main training center for PT officers and sailors, the place that was called the “Annapolis of the PT Boats?”  Hint–it was in the state of Rhode Island.

7.  What year was John F. Kennedy elected president of the United States?

8.  My father, Red Stahley, and his buddy, Tom Saffles, were both trained to serve in what capacity on their respective PT boats?

9.   Name the PT Veterans association that operates out of Germantown, TN, and is the go-to source for any and everything related to PT boats, bases, and tenders.

10.  My uncle, Frank Morris, served in the China-India-Burma theater in WWII under this legendary Army general.

11. PT boats were the first US surface vessels to enter this body of water in the Philippine Islands in early 1945.

12.  In the late summer of 1944, PT boats stationed in the Mediterranean were part of an invasion to liberate what location in Europe?

Good luck!  In the photo, a PT boat is lowered by crane after being transported to a new base.


  1. Steve,
    Fun way to end the year. Had to go back and look up #10, Looking forward to your future works and hope you have a Happy New Year.

    • Gary,

      Thanks so much for your continued support. I did have fund with the quiz and I’ll be putting the answers up very soon. Sounds like you got them already. Happy New Year and thanks again.


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