Posted by: SJS | August 26, 2014

Hard won PT trophies

Proud PT sailors

Two unidentified sailors proudly display the famous PT insignia with images of the Imperial Japanese flag representing enemy ships taken out by their PT squadron somewhere in the South Pacific.

As a young boy learning about the PT service in which my father served, the iconic symbol of the cartoon mosquito riding a speeding torpedo was firmly imprinted in my mind. Coming across photographs like this one still have a powerful emotional impact on me as I remember learning about my father’s days in the Mosquito Fleet of the US Navy.

The names of the sailors in this photo and the squadron to which they belonged are–currently–a mystery. Perhaps someone out there will see a familiar face and fill us in on the details. In the meantime, these two intrepid crewmen will stand in for all the proud navy men who served on those fragile boats and scored so many impressive victories.


  1. Steve,
    Think this is a photo of Ron 6. Check out another photo here. Gary

    • Gary, I believe you are correct. Thanks for sharing the photo. I appreciate your support. Steve

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