Posted by: SJS | August 12, 2014

Early PT weaponry

20 mm Oerlikon deck gun

This photo from July of 1942 shows a PT on a training run somewhere off the East Coast of the US. The unnamed sailor is manning a 20 mm Oerliken deck gun which appears to be designed for antiaircraft defense. The gun seems to be located near the stern (rear) of the boat.

As the war went on, the weaponry on the PTs continued to evolve as the mission of the PTs expanded over time. By the war’s end, the PTs were heavily armed gunboats that did far more than fire torpedoes at enemy ships.


  1. This is another amazing photograph that depicts the actual drama of what was unfolding. Up until now, my only other reference to visualize that time in history was the movies.

    • Dudley, I agree. Locating these photos has been a real voyage of discovery for me and it keeps rooting me ever more firmly in the actual, day-to-day historical events. Thanks for the support. Steve

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