Posted by: SJS | March 29, 2014

Young Jim Nixon of PT 373

Jim Nixon on PT with flag

Whether PT sailor Jim Nixon and PT sailor Red Stahley were ever crewmates on PT 373 is uncertain but both men spent time on this legendary boat in the South Pacific in Squadron (Ron) 27.

Through the kindness of Jim’s son, Mike Nixon, of Florida, we have the privilege of seeing some terrific photos of Jim as a young man on board the 373. Among the photos of his dad that Mike shared with me, this one is my favorite. Taken somewhere in the South Pacific, Jim is probably standing on the stern of his PT boat, proudly posing next to an American flag.

In the next few posts, I’ll be featuring more of the amazing photos that Mike shared with me and I’ll tell the story of how the two of us made contact a few months ago. In the meantime, my deepest thanks to Mike and his family for their willingness to share some deeply precious WWII photos with all of us.

Thanks, Mike! Welcome aboard.


  1. Can’t wait to see the new photos. Thanks Mike and Steve!

    • Gary,

      Thanks so much for your continued support. It’s great to be connected with you and all the other PT Splinters out there! Stay well.


  2. This is a fantastic image that really connects you with the time and place.

    • Dudley,

      Thanks much. I had the same reaction when I first saw this remarkable photo. To think that another PT sailor just used whatever camera he had at hand and took the shot on impulse is just astounding. The authenticity of the moment caught by this photo speaks volumes. Thanks for your continued support.


  3. Thanks for adding my father on your dads web site. Really enjoy reading it. Did you have any luck with Don RIckles? Mike Nixon

    • Mike,

      Thanks again for sharing those wonderful family photos with me; I know that many readers of the blog are deeply appreciative for your generosity.

      I will try to make contact with Don Rickles. His WWII experience on a PT Tender would be terrific to hear about. I’m not sure if I’ll have any luck getting through to him but it’s worth a try.

      Stay well and thanks again.


  4. My father was the Skipper of PT347.

    • Daniel, This is great information. Thanks for sharing it with me and the readers of the blog. Connecting the children and grandchildren of the Mosquito Fleet was one of my fondest hopes for this blog and I so appreciate you making this information available. Steve

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