Posted by: SJS | February 13, 2014

Some music to lift the spirits

Piano man

As these sailors from the base force of PT Squadron (Ron) 21 gather around the piano, it appears as though they’ve successfully left behind the cares, fears, and drudgery of war–for a while, anyway. This photo from PT Boats, Inc. appears in the book PT Boats Behind the Scenes, an excellent source of information and photographs on the sailors who staffed the PT bases and tender ships which were essential parts of the US Navy’s “Mosquito Fleet” in WWII. Without the skills, courage, and dedication of these men, the PT crews who manned the boats would not have been able to do their jobs.

The smiles on these faces and the relaxed postures convey the strong sense of teamwork that characterized the lives of the sailors on this base. On the piano appears the insignia of Ron 21. Looking at the photo, I wondered what song they were singing at the time. Whatever it was, they certainly seem to be enjoying it to the max.


  1. Steve,

    Great Picture ! Yes, music has a way of making us all relax even during the most difficult of times.


    • Aneise,

      I found this photo in that wonderful book you gave me a few years ago. What a treasure trove of valuable information and amazing photos from the Navy. Thanks again for giving me such a generous gift.


  2. […] This blog has a picture of a rec room and piano of some men from Squadron 21.  The Ron 21 insignia can be clearly seen on the piano. […]

    • Thanks for checking into the blog–I appreciate hearing from you. I am enjoying the information you share on your blog. Please keep up the great work.

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