Posted by: SJS | December 20, 2013

George J. (Red) Stahley – Happy Birthday!

George J. (Red) Stahley - Happy Birthday!

On this day in 1924, my father was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Were he alive, today would be his 89th birthday. This photo of him, probably taken in 1933 or 1934, is an image cherished by our family. When I look into his face, I can see reflections of our children and each of my four sisters. I see my grandparents, too. Although my father died in late 1999, just about a month before his 75th birthday, his presence is very much with us in ways I could never have imagined. Happy birthday, Dad! I trust that you and Uncle Frank and are now sharing war stories, O’Neill stories, and O’Neill war stories. Enjoy!

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