Posted by: SJS | December 10, 2013

Frank Morris, RIP; with appreciation, deep respect, and love

football award 1963

My uncle, Frank Morris, passed away peacefully on Sunday, December 8th at 11:00 pm. His son, my cousin, Tommy Morris, was with him at the time. I was fortunate enough to have visited Frank earlier that day in the nursing home in Carlisle, PA where he had been for a few days. While he was unable to speak, I sensed that Frank was aware of my presence as I spoke quietly to him and held his hand. It must have been Frank’s gravitational pull that allowed me to get up and back to Westminster safely in spite of the massive snowstorm which has blanketed our area (and still continues today).

In this photo from the early 1960s at a football banquet, I am flanked by the first two men who coached me in organized sports, Frank Morris and Jim Lynch of the Hillcrest Hornets in Philly. Both men made a profound impact on my life and gave me a solid foundation for my participation on all the other athletic teams I would join in grade school, high school, and college. With steady encouragement, good humor, and tireless dedication, Uncle Frank embodied the essence of excellent coaching. He set the standard for all the coaches who followed. They were all good but none ever measured up to Uncle Frank.

My Morris cousins Mike, Rob, Ed, Bernadette, Dan, and Tommy have lost a loving, gentle, and very sweet father. We mourn with them and send them our prayers, love, and support. Our extended family has lost a relative who was larger than life. Into his 90 years, Frank packed enough love, affection, courage, laughter, writing talent, and emotional intelligence to fill 10 lifetimes. He served his nation with bravery and distinction in the Army in Burma in WWII and he served his family with limitless caring, devotion, and love. Every life he touched has been enriched beyond measure; he will be missed sorely by all of us who loved him so deeply.

Rest in God’s peace, Uncle Frank. We move forward trusting that we will one day be reunited with you, Aunt Helen, Frankie, and all in our family who have gone before us to God’s loving embrace. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you always.


  1. Steve,

    You and your family have my deepest sympathy in the passing of your Uncle Frank Morris. I pray for God to grant all of you his peace during this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the Morris family.


    • Aneise,

      Thanks for your supportive words and the prayers. Our entire family mourns the loss of Frank Morris who was a kind, generous, and deeply loving person. His influence on all who knew him was positive and grace-filled. We will gather on Saturday to celebrate his life and give thanks to God for the gift of his presence among us.



  2. What a wonderful tribute to Commissioner. Stephen, you impacted his life as much as he did yours. He held you in such high regard. You are a wonderful, caring nephew. He truly enjoyed your visits, conversations and dedication to preserving family history. As we all do! It is comforting to know he is reunited with his wife, son, parents, sister and so many of the O’Neill family. Thank you for your love and appreciation.
    Cyndy Morris

    • Cyndy,

      Thanks for your good words. Looking forward to seeing all the family on Saturday for Frank’s Memorial Mass in Camp Hill.

      Love and peace,


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