Posted by: SJS | November 22, 2013

President John F. Kennedy PT Veteran

Pres JFK & PT model

It was 50 years ago today that we lost President Kennedy to an assassin’s bullet in Dallas, Texas. The shock and horror of that day left indelible marks in the memories of all who were old enough to remember it. As a twelve year old boy in Philadelphia, I have vivid recollections from November 22nd of 1963.

Because of my father’s PT service in WWII, the loss of President Kennedy felt somehow more personal and tragic. After all Kennedy had survived in the South Pacific, the wicked irony of his murder shook me to my core. The grief I felt on that day was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

In this photo, taken in the Oval Office of the White House, President Kennedy indicates where he was standing on the deck of PT 109 the night it was rammed by a Japanese destroyer in 1943.

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