Posted by: SJS | November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 2013

PT crew photo

On this special day set aside to honor all those who have worn the uniform of the United States Armed Forces we pause to express our thanks and appreciation for all they have done to protect our nation and the freedoms we cherish so deeply.

I selected this photo for the holiday because it powerfully reflects the grit and determination of all the PT sailors and officers who served with such distinction in WWII. The photo was from the personal family collection of one of the PT Splinters (2nd generation) who connected with me through the blog. Unfortunately, when I scanned it, I lost track of the source.

The full number of the PT boat and the names of the crew have been misplaced (sorry); so if someone has the info, please weigh in on the blog for the rest of us.

With or without the names, however, the brave faces of the men in this PT boat photo clearly demonstrate the boldness, savvy, and nerve of the Mosquito Fleet which made the PTs such a formidable and effective part of America’s WWII Navy.


  1. PT-356 (Ron 27) (Brooklyn Navy Yard)

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