Posted by: SJS | October 23, 2013

A church on Samar

A church on Samar

This photograph of a very old Catholic Church on the Philippine Island of Samar was recently featured in the PT Boats, Inc. newsletter, ALL HANDS. There were probably services held here for the PT sailors whose squadrons were berthed at PT Base 17. Looking at the photo, I wondered if my father attended Mass when Ron 27 was attached to Base 17. Given the daily danger in which the PT crews found themselves, my guess is that this place did a very brisk business during the final years of WWII.


  1. Its amazing that your father may have attended Mass in this church.

    • Dudley,

      Yes, I agree. Some of these photos that have been shared across the PT Boat network have been astounding. I keep finding out more things all the time. It’s been a great path to follow.

      Thanks for your continued support.


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