Posted by: SJS | October 18, 2013

The Nonagenarian – Frank’s new book!


My Uncle Frank Morris has done it again! His latest book is now at the publishers and will be ready for the market in a few weeks. The book is entitled “The Nonagenarian: Doin’ 90…Did I miss the exit ramp?” And it is another delightful narrative of recent and not-so-recent events in Frank’s full and very eventful life.

The Author’s Note in the new book reads as follows: “This book covers the years 2010 through 2013. It will add happenings, people, and even some things that I somehow failed to mention in book # 1 – “The 8-Toed Octogenarian.” That book is currently ranked # 1,914,478 on Amazon’s Best Seller List. The public is clamoring for more. Who am I to deny them?”

Pictured in the photo are yours truly, Frank Morris, and Rob Morris in Camp Hill PA in 2012. Our lively discussion that day included marketing strategies, sales promotions, and script writing for the movie that is sure to follow. And now, his latest volume is almost ready for launch – and just in time for the holidays (what a great gift this would make for almost everybody on your Christmas gift list!).

By early next year, I have no doubt that Frank will be busy on Volume III of his Opus Magnus. He knows how to keep his editor very busy and fully engaged. Way to go, Uncle Frank!!


  1. Dear Mr. Morris, My Dad served in the USN in the early 1940’s and I am trying to locate anyone that may have known him. His name was Walter J. Kotowski (FEMU BASE 21) if that helps.He was a cook in the Navy on the PT boats. I have a couple of photos of him but only him in uniform. Please email me if you might know my Dad! Thank you, Karen Kotowski

    • Karen,

      My Uncle Frank Morris was not on a PT Boat. He served in the Army in Burma. I’ve been using my blog to tell his story in WW II.


    • Karen,
      Your Dad is listed in the Book Knights of the Sea. Couldn’t find him assigned to a PT Squadron. He was with FEMU (Floating Equipment Maintenance Unit) and assigned to 7th Fleet. They repaired PT’s, changed out engines, loaded torpedos, etc. Show his rank as S1c. May want to check Frank Andruss book “PT Boats Behind the Scenes”. There is a chapter and several pictures related to FEMU.

      • Gary,
        Thanks so much for your efforts to help Karen. It’s great that all of us “PT Boat Splinters” can connect and help each other out.

  2. Hi Gary!
    Thank you so much for your dedication to find out the information you gave me about my Dad. You do not know the importance of any information his siblings can retrieve because my Dad passed in 1973 of a kidney disease. Now I myself have the kidney disease. If ever you want to get in touch with me here is my home # 860-792-0449 est. I so much do appreciate what effort you have done in finding this information!
    Karen Kotowski
    P.S. I uploaded a photo of my Dad in his uniform!

    • Karen,

      So glad that you could get some great assistance in locating more information about your dad. In terms of researching PT issues, Gary is one of the best!

      Our thoughts and prayers are with you for improved health. Hang in there.


    • Karen,
      Found some pictures of a FEMU setup here.
      Might give you an idea of the conditions.

      • Gary,

        Thanks so much for your assistance to Karen. I’m very appreciative of all the support and good ideas you’ve given me over the years. It’s great to be connected through our shared roots in the Mosquito Fleet.


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