Posted by: SJS | July 8, 2013

Prelude to a kiss

1,500,000 Good-By

1,500,000 Good-By

The cover of a Navy publication in March 1946 features a tender moment between a sailor and his sweetheart. The little magazine entitled ALL HANDS featured a four page story on the PT boats: “Duty Done–PTs Retire” and it included several photos along with a narrative on the role played by the PTs in WWII.

When I saw this evocative photo on the magazine’s cover, it reminded me of that immortal photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square, New York, on VJ Day in 1945. While this picture is not nearly as famous as the Times Square shot, it conveys no shortage of emotional intensity, undistracted focus, and delicious anticipation. The caption to the photo is: 1,500,000th Good-By.

I can’t be sure but I think the woman in the photo is a WAVE. Maybe the men and women of the USN were the most romantic of them all, who knows? Was Red Stahley breaking hearts in the Med and the South Pacific between missions? If so, he never told me about it (which was probably very smart on his part).

The ALL HANDS documents were sent to me by one of my fellow PT splinters but I’m not sure if it was Dick L, Randy McC, or Gary P. All three of these guys have been tremendous supports; I appreciate all the valuable material they’ve sent to me over the past few years.

ALL Hands later became the name of the PT Newsletter published by PT Boats, Inc. of Germantown, TN. A great publication that has carried on wonderful tradition.


  1. This is another excellent image. It may not be as famous as the one taken in Times Square, but it looks more authentic.

  2. Dudley,

    I agree completely. This photo has the feel of the genuine about it. Thanks for your continued support.


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