Posted by: SJS | June 24, 2013

The stamp of the censor

The stamp of the censor

The stamp of the censor

During the war, all written correspondence between the members of the US armed forces and the folks at home had to be cleared by the military censors. I am grateful to fellow PT “Splinter” Randy McConnell for sharing this photo of the Naval censor’s stamp on a piece of personal correspondence belonging to his father who served in PT Squadron (Ron) 27 in the South Pacific, along with Red Stahley and Tom Saffles.

Knowing that your letters to and from home were being read was just one of those things that came with being in the service. I’m sure that the thrill of getting mail far outweighed the annoyance of knowing that the military censor had reviewed your mail before it got to you.

In an ironic twist, sending a handwritten letter these days might be the best away to avoid the review of censors who are keeping tabs on all sorts of electronic communications. Going “old school” via the USPS just might be the preferred way of preserving one’s privacy in the digital age.

Who’da thunk it?

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