Posted by: SJS | May 16, 2013

Survivors of a Kamikaze attack recover on the USS Solace

Survivors of a Kamikaze attack recover on the USS Solace

A sailor who suffered severe burns after a suicide attack on his ship is fed by another sailor whose hands were badly burned in the same attack. This is another of the great photographs taken by Victor Jorgensen and featured in the book Steichen at War by Christopher Phillips (1981). The photo was taken on the hospital ship USS Solace in May, 1945.
As the fighting intensified in the South Pacific during the spring and summer of 1945, Allied sailors increasingly came under attack from Kamikaze planes. The toll taken by suicide missions then, as now, was savage and horrendous.


  1. What an incredible image. It really speaks to the sacrifices that those sailors made.

  2. Dudley,

    Thanks for your comment. The book of photographs, “Steichen At War,” has been an excellent resource. The collection of prints from the team of USN photographers really delivers powerful insights into the experience of combat at sea during WWII.

    I appreciate your ongoing support of the blog.


  3. iphone 中古

    • This is certainly among the more interesting of the comments that I’ve received on the blog. Here’s hoping it’s positive. Does anyone out there read Korean or whichever Asian language this might be? Thanks.

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