Posted by: SJS | May 7, 2013

PT 359 in action off Green Island

Green Island & PT 359

My thanks to fellow PT Splinter (i.e. son/daughter of a PT sailor) Dick Listro for sharing this photograph which shows PT 359 of Ron 27 as seen from the stern of the lead PT. The handwritten words on the photo spell out: Bismark Archipelico/Green Island/PT 359 trails.

When Red Stahley and Tom Saffles were together in Ron 27, they were radiomen on the 359 (Tom) and the 373 (Red). They communicated frequently. Their friendship deepened as they supported each other over the airwaves through some highly dangerous situations during 1945.

Was Tom aboard PT 359 when this photo was snapped? We can’t be sure. We do know that he and Red spent many hours manning their radios on patrols that looked a lot like this one.


  1. […] Picture courtesy of PT Boat Red […]

    • Thanks much, GP, for helping to get the word out about the PTs. Keep up the great work.

  2. Photo says it all, got here from Pacific Paratrooper.

    • Thanks for the supportive comment and my thanks to GP Cox for his ongoing encouragement. Have a great July 4th holiday!

      • You are welcome, thanks for the post. Have a good 4th too

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