Posted by: SJS | April 26, 2013

Red and Sarah and the bonds of family

Red & Sarah (2) '98

Although he died shortly after her third birthday, our daughter, Sarah, has more than a little of her grandfather’s spirit. With her reddish, blond hair, her quirky sense of humor, and her indomitable will, Sarah continue to surprise with flashes of personality that reflect that of her grandfather.

In this 1998 photo, about a year before his death, Red watches Sarah ride her toy horse in our living room in Baltimore. While their time on earth overlapped for only a brief period, we know that the bonds of family go far deeper than anything we can easily measure or explain. The brash spirit that allowed Red to handle life as a PT sailor in WWII lives on in the lives of his children and grandchildren. There are signs of that everywhere we look.

Thank God for family!


  1. Steve,

    Very nice. Yes, what a blessing it is to have family.


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