Posted by: SJS | March 1, 2013

Frank Morris, human rights advocate, at 90

Steve & Frank on Feb 17th

Steve & Frank 2/17/13l

What a joy it was to spend an afternoon with my uncle (and published author), Frank Morris, at his home in Camp Hill on February 17th. My sister, Maryellen, and I made the trip up from Maryland to Camp Hill PA for a gathering of the entire Morris clan to celebrate the birthdays of our cousins Ed and Dan.

Among the topics we discussed was Frank’s continuing advocacy work for the Kachin people of northern Burma (or Myanmar) who continue to struggle for their freedom and basic human rights. During his WWII service in the US Army, Frank was part of a military police unit in Burma assigned to provide security for the legendary American general, Joseph (Vinegar Joe) Stilwell. Fighting side by side with the Allied forces were Kachin guerilla units who distinguished themselves in many encounters with the Japanese forces. Frank never forgot their support or their valor.

Approaching his 90th birthday, Frank writes letters to elected officials in support of the Kachin people and maintains contact with the Kachin community in central Pennsylvania. And, in his spare time, he’s working on the second volume of his memoirs. Frank’s energy, kindness, and interest in the welfare of other people are an inspiration to all who know him.

Way to go, Uncle Frank!

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