Posted by: SJS | February 23, 2013

Air crewmen in the ready room

Grim faces before a dangerous mission

Grim faces before a dangerous mission

Another amazing photo from the book Steichen at War by Christopher Phillips (1981) reveals the tension in the ready room of the USN’s aircraft carrier, USS Ticonderoga, as the air crews prepare for the first air strike against Manila on November 5th, 1944. The photo was taken by Wayne Miller, one of the outstanding military photojournalists featured in Phillips’ book.

By the time Red Stahley was assigned to PT Squadron 27 in the South Pacific in 1945, the Navy’s campaign against the Imperial Japanese forces in the Philippines had been raging for many months. The fighting focused on the Philippine Islands was some of the most intense of WWII. The faces of the men in the air crews on the USS Ticonderoga reflect the intensity of the conflict.

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