Posted by: SJS | February 8, 2013

Directing defense against a torpedo-bomber attack

Directing defense against a torpedo-bomber attack

This photo is featured in an excellent book entitled “Steichen at War” by Christopher Phillips, published in 1981. It shows a Marine gun captain on the deck of the USS Lexington pointing out a Japanese “Kate” torpedo bomber moving in to lauch a torpedo. The photo was taken in December of 1944. The determined expression on the face of this Marine speaks volumes. Desperate air attacks were a constant threat to all Allied ships in the late stages of the war in the Pacific.


  1. Great photo. This really gives you a feel for what this situation was like.

    • Dudley,

      Thanks very much. As a professional photographer, I’m sure that you can see all the subtle elements that went into making this photo such a fine piece of work. Over the years, I’ve returned to this photo many times and I always draw new inspiration from the fierce, calm expression on the Marine captain’s face. He’s fully aware of the approaching danger yet he holds his position and directs his gunners. The photographer’s ability to capture this moment is a tribute to his creative genius.

      Thanks again for your support.


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