Posted by: SJS | October 30, 2012

Frank Morris writes on!

My Uncle Frank is now at work on the second volume of his memoirs.  I’m happy to report that he’s off to a good start and I am delighted to be serving once again as his general editor.  Reviewing the early drafts of his chapters, it’s clear to see that his imagination, wit, and sense of humor are as sharp as ever.  Frank has more stories to relate and, in the process of writing them down, deeper memories have been triggered and he is getting those stories into good narrative form.

In late August, we lost Frank’s wife, my Aunt Helen, after a long illness.  Their marriage of 63 years was a profound example of love, fidelity, and generativity.  As the last of the eight O’Neill siblings, Helen lived a life characterized by high energy and remarkable accomplishments.  She and Frank were quite a team and their legacy will live on in their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Among the finest tributes to Helen have been the many references to her in Frank’s first book, The Eight-toed Octogenarian.

As an uncle, a coach and a writer, Frank has been one of the primary mentors in my life.  He continues to inspire me.  Whether I’m reading his latest draft chapter or chatting with him on the phone, Frank always has something positive and uplifting to share.  His presence in my life has been a powerful blessing in every way.

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