Posted by: SJS | October 7, 2012

Red, Rita, & grandkids in ’97

A photograph from October 1997 captures a happy moment of Red and Rita with their Baltimore grandchildren, Thomas and Sarah Stahley.  It’s hard for me to realize that fifteen years have elapsed since the picture was taken.  Thomas is now a senior in high school and Sarah is a sophomore.  Time has a way of slipping by so quickly.

Red, Rita, & grandkids

Red and Rita with Thomas and Sarah in 1997

We could not have imagined that my father had little more than two years left in his life.  Shortly after Sarah turned three years old and a few months before Thomas reached the age of five, they would lose their grandfather.  The realization that my children will only come to know of their grandfather through resources such as this blog is one of the factors that motivates me to stay on task.

At first, the blog was a way for me to pass on the stories that I had received from my father.  As I delved into the rich storehouse of the PT boat network, however,  and began to find my way to WWII vets who knew my father,  I began to discover things about him that I never knew.  One contact led to another and then anotherand still another.  What a richly rewarding experience it has been.

The more I learn about my father, the stronger his presence feels in my life.  Getting to know the person who became my father years before I arrived in the world has been one of the most gratifying (and wonder-filled) experiences of my life.  And the journey continues…

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