Posted by: SJS | September 26, 2012

Remembering Belton Copp

On September 27, 2011 at 9:45 pm, Belton Copp died peacefully at his home in Connecticut.  As we mark this first anniversary of his passing, we remember with grateful hearts his extraordinary service to his nation in WWII and the legendary example of courage and boldness he set as the commanding officer of PT 373– the first surface craft of the US Navy to enter the hostile waters of Manila Bay in 1945.  As the son of a crew member on the 373, it has been a distinct honor for me to be linked to Lt. Copp and his generous family.

Genie and Belton Copp

Genie and Belton Copp

This photograph adorned the cover of the beautiful card I received from Lt. Copp’s wife, Genie.  Their faces radiate the warmth, love, and kindness that has characterized their life together as well as the life of their family.  One of the many, many benefits I’ve received through my research has been contact with this amazing family.  Through their son, Allyn, I’ve learned much about the distinguished naval career of Lt. Copp and the sacrifices he made for his country and his crew.

As we honor the memory of Belton Copp we pause to remember the dedication, bravery, and daring of all those Navy servicemen who served on the PTs, the PT tender ships, and the PT bases who played such a major role in the Allied triumph in WWII.  May they rest in the secure knowledge that their friends and a grateful nation will never forget them.

Requiescat in pace, Lt. Copp.


  1. RIP Lt. Copp. This picture makes me smile. Thanks for sharing their stories with us Stephen.

  2. RIP Lt. Copp. Thank you for your service!

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