Posted by: SJS | July 8, 2012

PT Boats, Inc.

The best and most comprehensive source of “all things PT Boats” is, without a doubt, PT Boats, Inc.- a historical nonprofit organization established by veterans of WW II PT service to preserve the history and legacy of the PTs, their shore bases and tenders, and the courageous men who formed the crews on those remarkable vessels.

Best bumper sticker ever

Bumper sticker for PT Boats, Inc

Without the support of PT Boats, Inc., especially Alyce Guthrie and her able assistant (and daughter), Allyson Bethune, my research into my father’s time as a PT crewman, I would never have made contact with veterans who served with Red and remembered him well.  My debt of gratitude to Alyce, Allyson, and the organization is too immense for words.  Through these good people, I have learned things about my father’s Navy career that have carried me to a deeper understanding of his life and the crucial experiences that shaped him as a young man.To all those who follow this blog, I highly recommend a visit to  And if you ever find yourself anywhere in the vicinity of Memphis, Tennessee, contact PT Boats, Inc. in Germantown TN and schedule a visit.  My sister, Marguerite Ambrose, and I spent two wonderful days visiting with Alyce and Allyson at the office of PT Boats, Inc. in December of 2010.  It was an experience we’ll never forget.

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