Posted by: SJS | May 9, 2012

PT 552 ready for action

Since beginning my research on my father’s PT career in WWII,  I keep coming across great photos of the boats, the bases, the tenders, and most importantly, the intrepid sailors who formed the PT crews.

There are multiple sources of PT boat photos and it seems I find more sources all the time.  Several close friends have sent me wonderful books about the PTs, the National Archives has a storehouse of remarkable pictures, PT Boats Incorporated of Germantown, TN, has been a generous source of primary materials, and friends I’ve made through this blog and the website ( have kindly shared family photos and precious stories about their relatives who served on the PTs in Europe and the South Pacific.  I feel like a link in an ever-expanding network.

PT 552 on patrol with a well seasoned crew

PT 552 on patrol with a well seasoned crew

This photo of PT 552 under full throttle with its crew at battle stations is one example of the amazing images that has found its way to me over the past two years.  Looking at this photo, it is easy to imagine my father or Tom Saffles or Franny Hart at their post below deck working the radio as their craft moves out on a new mission.

It is great to continue the learning process and I know that I am in very good company.  Please stay connected and if you have anything to share, please send it on.

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