Posted by: SJS | March 28, 2012

PTs in camouflage, ready for invasion

By the time the commissioned PT boats of Squadron (Ron) 40 were ready for deployment, the war was almost over.  In this photo, PT 594 of Ron 40 cruises the waters near Samar in the Philippine Islands.  With its camouflage paint, cutting-edge radar system, and a well seasoned crew, the 594 is ready for any assignment.

PT 594 of Ron 40 off Sama, PI

PT 594 cruises off Samar, PI

The surrender of Japan in the summer of 1945 meant that the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland by the Allied forces would not occur.  Had that invasion been necessary, there is no doubt that the PT boats of Ron 40 would have played a pivotal role.  As the radioman assigned to PT 589 of Ron 40, Red Stahley would likely have seen heavy action.

After the fierce fighting on the Island of Okinawa and some of the other Pacific islands, the Allies were anticipating heavy casualties when it came to the invasion of the mainland.   It is very likely that the PTs of Ron 40 would have played a pivotal role in the overall military strategy.

Had the planned invasion of Japan taken place, who knows what might have happened to the PT crews of Ron 40?  I might not be here today making this post…


  1. If I were a betting man PT 594 and Ron 40 would have been in the front row going into Japan if not for the A-bomb. Like it or no not that may be why we are here today.

  2. Gary,

    Amen. Thanks for your continued support and the great information you have shared with me. It is much appreciated.


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