Posted by: SJS | March 21, 2012

Red’s kids in 1975

In 1975, George (Red) and Rita (O’Neill) Stahley celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.  As a way of marking the milestone, the five of us Stahley kids posed for a family photograph.  We pooled our funds and went to the Philadelphia photographer who had taken the formal wedding pictures of our parents in 1950 (Claire Pruitt).  As part of the family celebration, we gave the framed photo to our parents on June 3, 1975.

Stahley kids 1975

Marguerite, Joan, Maryellen, Teresa, and Steve in 1975

By the mid-1970s, Red was nearing 30 years of service as a salesman in the trucking industry and Rita had returned to the nursing career she had put aside after I was born in 1951.  The five of us were busy with the demands of school, jobs, and all the other things that consume a person’s time and attention when they are in their twenties and teens.  Looking at this photo, the year 1975 seems to be both a long time ago and as close as last week.      Red’s Navy days had ended in 1946 when he received his honorable discharge and returned to civilian life.  His years at war on the PT boats made a major, lifelong impact on his life.  And on all of our lives as well.   As I continue to unpack the stories of his Navy days, so many other things in his life begin to make more sense.

And the research continues…


  1. It’s amazing how everyone looks so similar today as they did in 1975. Great Genes.

    • Mike,

      Thanks much. We do have some remarkable ancestors.


  2. Steve,

    This is a really great picture of you and your sisters. It’s so nice to have pictures that remind us of special times in our lives and leave us with very happy memories.


    • Aneise,

      Thanks for your comment. Photos like this one really do remind us of so many things in our family history.


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