Posted by: SJS | February 29, 2012

Frank Morris at work on new book!

Frank Morris displays dollar bill autographed by Vinegar Joe Stilwell

Frank Morris displays dollar bill signed by General Stilwell

     I am pleased and proud to announce that my uncle, Frank Morris, is at work on a new book!  Frank’s first book, The Eight-toed Octogenarian, was published last year and received considerable coverage in the print and television media of Central Pennsylvania.  The Harrisburg Patriot-News, the newspaper of record, and a local television station featured highly favorable reviews of the book.

    Known fondly in the family as “The Commissioner,” Frank’s energy, optimism, and creativity are undiminished. He is hard at work on the second volume of his autobiography.   I have again accepted (with great gladness) the duties of executive editor for my uncle’s literary efforts.

     A major portion of Frank’s first volume was devoted to his service in the US Army in WW II where he served in the Military Police (MP) detachment assigned to the security detail for the legendary General Joseph “Vinegar Joe” Stilwell.  Vinegar Joe led the US forces with great distinction in one of the toughest theaters of the war in Asia.  In his second volume (at his editor’s urging), Frank is providing more details of his service in the jungles of Burma at a very critical time during the war.  Allied with the indigenous Kitchin fighters and units of the Chinese Army, the Americans held the line against larger, better-armed Japanese forces in the dense, forbidding jungles of Burma.

     The Harrisburg Patriot-News, the paper which featured a great review of Frank’s book, has emerged into national prominence because of its outstanding journalism work in breaking the story of the long-festering sex abuse scandal at Penn State University. 

     As a frequent contributor of letters to the editor, and now as a reviewed author on its pages,  “The Commissioner” is practically on the newspaper’s staff.  I’m expecting that his input will help the Patriot-News win a Pulitzer Prize.   As his executive editor, I’m hoping to join my uncle at the awards ceremony.  We’ll both have to get our tuxedos ready for the event!

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