Posted by: SJS | February 21, 2012

Ron 40 commissioned in 1945

     The US Navy in 1940 decided to organize PT Boats into squadrons and commission a squadron rather than individual boats.  Because of the expected quantity of PT Boats, the Navy high command decided that it would be more efficient to place boats into service as part of a commissioned squadron rather than commissioning hundreds of individual boats.  In hindsight, it seems like the Navy brass made the right decision.     

Ron 40 commissioned '45

Squadron (Ron) 40 commissioned 1945

    In this photo from the National Archives,  PT Squadron (Ron) 40 is commissioned in New York in 1945. 

    Following his service in Ron 27 on PT 373, Red Stahley was transferred to Ron 40 and assigned to PT 589.  By the time Red reported for duty on his new boat,  Japan had surrendered and the war was officially over.  Nonetheless, the PT crews had their assignments.  Life continued to be busy for the officers and enlisted men in Ron 40 until the early months of 1946. 

     Is Red Stahley somewhere in this photo standing at attention on the deck of PT 589?  While there is no way to know for certain, my research continues.

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