Posted by: SJS | February 17, 2012

PT crew rescues downed British airmen in 1944

      During the invasion of Southern France in the summer of 1944 the PT boats of Squadron (Ron) 15 played a major role in the combined Allied assault that recaptured some critically important European territory from the Nazis.   In this photo, crew members of PT 209 rescue British airmen from a glider that was shot down over the Mediterranean. 

Ron 15 rescues downed glider crew

PT sailors rescue downed British airmen


       The speed and agility of the PTs combined with the boldness of their crews were on full display as they moved in quickly to rescue the downed airmen from attack by German planes or ships.  The legacy of the PTs was established in the earliest days of the war when they engineered the  successful escape of General MacArthur from the Japanese in the Philippine Islands.  That daring action was only the first example of many when the PTs rescued trapped or stranded comrades from tight spots in Asia and Europe.  

        Working on a PT base somewhere in the Mediterranean, young Red Stahley was getting his first taste of action as he supported the communication network that kept the PTs connected to the base and each other.  His experience in Europe would serve him well when he found himself assigned to Ron 27 on PT 373  patrolling the jungles of the South Pacific later in the war.


  1. My Grandfather was Captain of Ron 15 in WWII. My dad had some of his old PT boat gear on antique roadshow this week., he is on in the 32nd minute.

    • Joe,
      Thanks for checking in and providing the link to Antique Roadshow. It’s great to see that PT boat gear!

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