Posted by: SJS | February 9, 2012

Red, wartime photos, and solving puzzles

      As with families across the nation, Red Stahley’s service in the US Navy during WWII was a source of great pride for his relatives.  In going through the photographs in the old family albums, I came across many pictures like this one that reflect the esteem in which Red was held.  The pose and the expression on the faces convey a deep connection and a real bond of affection.  

Red and unidentified friend in '44

Red with (?) in Philly in 1944

     The photo was taken in front of the Stahley family home on Fisher’s Avenue in North Philadelphia.  I have no doubt that the photo was taken by Red’s father, my grandfather, George “Pop” Stahley.  Given his meticulous nature, I am certain that Pop documented the name of the other relative or friend who is posing with his son in the picture. 

     Somewhere across the years, that documentation was lost and the identity of this cousin or friend in the photo with Red Stahley, taken sometime in late 1944, is now a mystery.  The young man is probably between the ages of 13 and 15 and may well be a cousin.

     Through the wonder of the Internet, I’m hoping that someone out there in the extended family or the broad network of family friends in Philadelphia can help us put a name with the face of the young man who is in this photo with George “Red” Stahley in 1944.

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