Posted by: SJS | February 3, 2012

Depth charges

     In addition to adversaries in the air, from shore batteries,  and on the ocean’s surface, PT boats were also on the alert for the presence of enemy submarines.   Radiomen like Red Stahley, Tom Saffles, and Franny Hart were as adept with radar as they were with radio communications.  Paying close attention to what was happening below the water was every bit as important as keeping track of threats coming from everywhere else.

Getting a feel for depth charges

Learning about depth charges

     Depth charges were an important component of the arsenal that the PTs carried with them on their missions.  In this photo, PT officers in training inspect the depth charges on the deck of a docked PT boat.  Like the sailors under their command, every officer needed to be well-schooled in the use of all weapons on board.  On every mission, the PT crews were playing offense and defense simultaneously as they ventured out against the enemy.

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