Posted by: SJS | December 29, 2011

The versatility of the PTs

     It is hard to imagine any other craft in the United States Navy that had the versatility of the PT boats.  Their small size and amazing maneuverability allowed them to perform tasks that were beyond the capacity of larger, heavier ships. 

PTs deliver supplies to island

PT supply delivery somewhere in the South Pacific

     The shallow draft of the PTs permitted them to navigate in waters that were only a few feet deep.  Whether it was a reconnaissance mission close to the shore or delivering supplies to a remote outpost (as this photo shows), the crews of the PTs took their boats wherever they needed to go in order to get the job done.  In the islands of the South Pacific, there were narrow rivers cutting through dense tropical jungles.  Every mission on one of these waterways held unseen dangers and treacherous navigation challenges for the PT crews. 

     In many ways, the sailors on the PT boats fought in conditions that were typical of the war in Viet Nam which would occur a generation later.   Battling the enemy, the elements, and the exhaustion of war were all in a day’s work for the members of the USN’s Mosquito Fleet.

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