Posted by: SJS | November 18, 2011

Red and Joe Mulhern

     One of Red’s closest friends growing up, Joe Mulhern, served in the US Army during WWII.  It was a rare occasion for them to find themselves in Philadelphia at the same time during the war.  When those occasions happened, there was no end to the laughter, the practical jokes, and the endless swapping tall tales.  Their friendship, already strong, became even closer as a result of their shared experience of war. 

Joe Mulhern and Red S in '45

Joe Mulhern, Red (right) & unnamed sailor 1945

     Among my fondest memories growing up were the times our families spent together.  Like the Stahleys, the Mulherns had five children.  When the ten of us were in the same place at the same time, at their house or ours, there was nothing but joyful chaos for hours on end. 

     The combination of Joe Mulhern’s dry wit and Red Stahley’s quick comebacks kept all of us off-balance–and happily so.   During one summer get together, I recall a wiffle ball game that lasted until 11:00 pm.  Neither side would give up, even though we could barely see the ball; there was just too much fun going on to let the game go.  Somebody was probably keeping score but it hardly seemed to matter.

     While they rarely talked about their time in the military, we all knew that their shared experience forged a bond between them that kept Joe and Red strong friends for the whole span of their lives. 

     May they rest in peace.


  1. Steve,

    What a special and powerful memory. A good strong friendship is a rare treasure and a special blessing from God.


    • Aneise,
      Thanks for your continued support. As I explore these topics, I find so many wonderful memories that were tucked away. How enjoyable it is to remember these moments and share them.

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