Posted by: SJS | November 2, 2011

Radiomen on sea and land

     PT radiomen played an essential communication role both on the boats and on the PT bases.  As with all the sailors assigned to the bases, the radiomen were an indispensable part of the PT team.  Good information, current and accurate, was a key component in the remarkable effectiveness of the Mosquito Fleet.  

Radio communications center on Green Island

Radiomen on Green Island monitor Japanese movements in the South Pacific

    During his first assignment in the war as part of Squadron (Ron) 15 in the Mediterranean, Red Stahley served as a base radioman.  His work on base supported two of the major PT operations in the summer of 1944:  the Invasion of Elba in June and the Invasion of Southern France in August.  It his likely that his radio work was focused on monitoring the movement of German warships.  Disrupting or jamming enemy communications was also the work of base radiomen.

     By the time he arrived in the South Pacific, assigned to PT 373 of Ron 27,  Red knew well how the boats depended on the support of the base crews.  As a former member of the support team in the Mediterranean,  he had no doubts about the importance of their role in the success of the PTs.  

This photo is from the collection of C.J. Willis.

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