Posted by: SJS | June 24, 2011

Frank Morris, Media Sensation!

My uncle, Frank Morris, author of the recently published book,  The Eight-Toed Octogenarian, has been riding a wave of publicity that has included reviews in two central Pennsylvania newspapers and now an interview on Channel 27, the ABC affiliate for Harrisburg and Lancaster.   In earlier blog postings, I have featured Frank’s service in the US Army in WWII.

Through this link, you can see the interview with Frank and hear a portion of his amazing story.  The interview also features my Aunt Helen, my mother’s sister and the last remaining sibling of the eight children who were born to Barney and Nellie O’Neill of Philadelphia.

Frank’s service in the jungles of Burma with the renowned general “Vinegar Joe” Stilwell is highlighted in this interview along with several photographs from his days in the service.  In addition to being a delightful read, Frank’s book contains some penetrating insights about growing up in the Great Depression, raising a family of seven children, and growing ever more deeply in love with the woman he married over 63 years ago.  His spirit is one which has only grown younger and more energetic over the span of a life which is extravagantly rich with wisdom, humor, and generosity.

Congratulations Uncle Frank!  I’m so glad we’re in the same large and lively family.

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