Posted by: SJS | April 15, 2011

Thank you

And now – a short interlude for gratitude. 

Since starting this blog two months ago, I have received lots of support from several sources.  Friends, family, and many folks I’ve never met have subscribed to the blog.  Comments from a wide variety of readers posted to the blog have been encouraging, challenging, and thought provoking. I am very appreciative for every comment.  Kind words in e-mails and phone conversations have kept me energized and enthusiastic.  

PT uniform patch

PT uniform patch

To know that there are readers out there with an active interest in the history of the US Navy’s  PT boats of WWII has been deeply gratifying.  Sharing my journey of discovery with a widening circle of people has made this venture the most rewarding writing project of my life.  Your participation as readers is what has made it so. 


With literally millions of blogs on the Internet, competition for readers these days is fierce.  On a daily basis, PT Boat Red is competing with blogs like:  “Oatmeal for breakfast-again,”  “Donald Trump’s Hair: UFO or DOA?” and “My hampster can tango!”  To have readers checking back regularly to see what’s happening here at this blog has been an amazing thing. 


A special word of thanks to those PT vets who have shared their time, photos, and documents with me over the past nine months.  They live all over the country:  Richard H. Cardwell III (VA), Albert Duquette (MD), Belton Copp (CT), Salvatore Ferrara (NY),  Joe Pastorino (FL),  CT Perotka (IL),  Tom Saffles (AL),  Franny Hart (MA), and Robbie Robinson (MI).   Family members of these sailors, and the family members of deceased vets, have also helped me greatly.   Locating these men would not have happened without that wonderful organization, PT Boats, Inc., of Germantown, TN.  Alyce Guthrie, Executive VP and her daughter, Allyson Bethune, the editor of the PT newsletter,  All Hands, have been angels. 

PT accelerating

PT boat accelerating over the waves


And my debt of thanks to my technical advisor, Vicki Anzmann, is too big for words to convey.  Without her guidance, patience, and creative input, this blog would not exist.  I continue to work with her on the development of the website which will connect to this blog but contain many other features besides.


From the beginning, I envisioned the blog (and the website) as more than the unfolding of my father’s story.  It is intended to be a dialogue on the importance of history and family connections.  As such, your insights and comments are always welcome.

Please keep reading!


  1. Steve,

    Your website and blog provide a great insight and history on WWII. Most of all it honors those soldiers who served our country. Your blog/website is not the fad of the day which comes and goes with popularity. When those websites are gone this one will stand as a historical website. I have personally learned a great deal from reading the blog and viewing the pictures. I say thanks to you, your family and all of those who have assisted and will continue to assist in this endeavor. I look forward to the continued development of your website and blog.


    • Aneise,

      Thanks very much for your kind words. It is very encouraging to know of your support and I appreciate your interest in this work. Through the materials that the PT vets have generously sent to me, I have lots more to report about the history of the PT boats in WWII. Members of the family have also been sending me documents and photographs that relate to my father’s service as well as the service of other brave veterans in our family. This has been a real adventure of learning and I’m glad to have your fine company along the way.


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