Posted by: SJS | April 12, 2011

VIPs on PT 373

Another photograph from that remarkable day in early March, 1945, when PT 373 carried General Douglas MacArthur back to the Philippine island of Corregidor.  This shot shows Philippine President, Sergio Osmena, standing to the left of General MacArthur on the deck of the boat. 

MacArthur on 373 with Sergio Osmena

MacArthur & Philippine President Sergio Osmena March 1945

It was a source of enormous pride to all the PT sailors that the name and legacy of MacArthur was so closely linked with the “Mosquito Fleet.”  The confidence and unyielding spirit that the general conveyed was emblematic of the men who helped him evade capture early in the war and then return triumphant in 1945.

I am grateful to Randy McConnell III who sent this photo to me.  His dad, Randall J. McConnell, Jr., served on PT 373.  Since PT crew members were rotated among PT boats and squadrons, it is uncertain if Randall McConnell, Jr. and Red Stahley served on the 373 at the same time.  What is certain is that they both proudly served on this remarkable boat which saw heavy action, suffered losses, and helped General MacArthur make his promised return to the Philippines.


  1. Steve, this is a remarkable site – you Dad would/is very proud of your efforts!

    • Steve, Thanks so much for your kind words. This has been a labor of love and I’m glad to be able to honor my father and all the other brave men and women who have served our nation with such distinction. Hope that you have a great holiday weekend. Steve

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